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About the One London Golfer

I think the best way to fully articulate what One London Golfer is all about is through some traditional Q&A’s. Take it away…

Why London and the Surrounding areas?

In very simple terms, its a celebration and promotion of the very best golf courses in London and the surrounding areas. There is soo much world class golf on offer here and I believe it is somehow vastly underrated on the world golfing scene.

Its so easy to think of Scotland, Ireland or Pinehurst when wanting to go on a bucket list golfing trip, but I would argue that you will have similar quality of golf around London but importantly a variety that cannot be matched. Where else in the world can you tee it up on some majestic links, classic heathland and grand parkland courses all within a few hours drive of each other, often much closer?

This cannot be offered by any other golfing destination in the world, and it is what makes London and the surrounding area incredibly special on the golfing map.

What is the One London Golfer website?

This website aims to pull together all the best courses in the defined London and surrounding areas in order to create a fantastic resource for anyone living in London, visiting London or planning a trip here. One London Golfer is a curated travel guide, with a few extras.

In order to differentiate and provide the most value as possible, it is important to be able to separate golf courses into the good, the very good and the just outright spectacular. This not only creates fantastic debates over golf course ratings but also allows a trip to London to be better planned.

So, in no particlar order One London Golfer provides for the following:

The best part is that you can get involved and I encourage everyone to submit their own golf course ratings in the comments section on any golf course post. One London Golfer will become a better resource the more everyone contributes.

Why only the Best Courses?

There is a saying in the wine world… “life’s too short to drink bad wine…” I think we can apply that to the golf world too.

I’m not knocking any golf course (good or bad), but sadly not all courses are created equal. This website is unashamedly celebrating the very best.

Who is the One London Golfer?

This website is not about me, its about London and the Surrounding areas. Its about world class golf courses. Its about golf and the benefits it can bring.

I’m a passionate golfer with a love for the game and golf course architecture. This website is a passion project and something I enjoy doing, just like some people enjoy reading or enjoy playing computer games in their down time.

I’ve purposely created the website anonymously as I want the course reviews and ratings to be as impartial as possible and its more fun this way!

Can the Ratings be trusted?

Sure, of course they can. Although they will always be subjective and a healthy debate is always welcomed. The ratings are structured in a way to keep them simple and in a way that everyone can submit their own ratings. It is a modified Doak Scale of golf course rating.

Generally the rating awarded to a course will be based on my own opinion (if I have played the course), mixed in with reviews and ratings from other sources, such as Golf World’s top 100 rankings and the fantastic Top 100 golf courses website.

If I haven’t played a course then the ratings will be based on the top 100 rankings of the course.

Please do get involved and submit your own ratings of the courses you have played. It will be greatly appreciated.

How can I get in Contact?

I love hearing from other passionate golfers and I’m always teeing it up with new friends on great golf courses, so please do get in touch.

Best way to get in touch is to send me an email:

Or DM me on instagram or twitter

Thanks for reading and happy golfing.

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