What is the London Golf Courses Area?

A question that really needs to be answered is actually which courses qualify to being the London golf courses area and the ‘surrounding’ areas? Yes, I accept that the name of this website may mislead you to think that its only courses within London itself, but why restrict ourselves when there is so much wonderful golf to be played if we travelled just a bit further out of town.

If we used the London Boroughs only as our boundary we will definitely be missing the best courses in the area. This is true of using the M25 motorway as a boundary too, think Sunningdale is only a 10 minute drive outside of the M25.

So how do we define a boundary for the London golf courses area?

Lets look at it from the point of view from a visiting golfer to London for whom this website is partly aimed at. If you were visiting London with the Mackenzie in tow, would you feasibly travel out of town to play? Yes, is the answer. You would do given the quality of golf on offer.

Lets be more specific.

Would you travel under 2 hours (car or train) to go and play Royal St George’s, Rye or West Sussex on a day trip? Yes, you probably would, especially if you are only visiting London once and wanted to play the very best golf which is accessible from a London base. So lets use that as a benchmark.

The boundary for London golf courses area is therefore, very loosely, set at a 2 hour drive from Central London.

London on most maps is always centred to Trafalgar Square so lets use this as the centre point. Please note that I use the term loosely above. A 2 hour drive up the M1 or M40 gets you almost to Birmingham so in the northwest direction the boundary is cut down.

There you have it, the reasoning and and definition of the London golf courses area and surrounding areas, for the purpose of One London Golfer. It could simply be called the South East, but that doesn’t sound as good!

Below is a map to show you the broad boundary used.

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