St George’s Hill Golf Club – Where it all began

This St George’s Hill Golf Club review is a little bit different and at the time I was not best pleased… at all!

Dragged away from Sonic the Hedgehog on the Mega Drive by my dad to go a learn to play this stupid game called golf. What was all that about?

I had zero interest in going outside to swing a golf club and be told by some jumped up pro how to hit this tiny little ball, but I had to.

My dad had decided that the whole family were going to learn how to play, and we would be having group lessons once every fortnight at St George’s Hill.

At the time, I could not think of anything worse, but wow… now I look back at it and I can’t believe how lucky I was. Not only to be taught at a relatively young age to play this beautiful game, but to have learnt to play at St George’s Hill.

My first 18 holes of golf was on St George’s Hill…!!!

Sadly for me now, that was over 20 years ago and I have no recollection of the course. I’ve included the course as played in my quest, however, this is based on the assumption that I will be going back to play it again. How can I not???

Therefore, this St George’s Hill Golf Club review is not a complete one, and will be continued…

St George’s Hill Golf Club… The Facts

– Architect: Harry Colt
– Date Opened: 1913
– Location: Weybridge, Surrey
– Rank: #7
– Tees Played: can’t remember, most likely yellows
– Other Tees:
– Fees: £nil (playing lesson)
– Website:

Final Thoughts…

I was too young to remember anything about the course or the clubhouse but I have two final thoughts:

1 – The club pro smoked and played Titliest blades… absolute hero.

2 – Dad, you are a hero too for dragging me away from the Mega Drive

Comment below if you have played St George’s Hill, any tips or recommendations?


(Title photo taken from St George’s Hill Golf Club website)

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